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How to Monitor PHP Errors

Plugins and themes can generate a lot of PHP errors. Most of them are not critical but they can slow down your website and open security breaches for hackers to exploit.

WP Umbrella monitors these errors and provide you with information to help you troubleshooting them!

How to find the PHP errors generated by plugins and themes?

Nota bene: To access the error it is necessary to connect the related API key to your WordPress websites and give us the right to do so.

Accessing PHP Errors in WP Umbrella Plugin

The errors logs are accessible directly in the plugin: Settings > WP Umbrella > PHP Errors Logs

Plugin tracking php errors
The data on the screenshots are for information purposes only.

From here, click on view error details to retrieve all the related information.

Then click of the error you want to troubleshoot to display the advanced view.

Accessing PHP Errors in WP Umbrella Web Application

You can also access the PHP errors logs from WP Umbrella Web Application where the UX is better and the workflow optimized.

From the application: Project > View > Issues

View PHP errors
PHP errors listing

From here, you can display all the PHP errors monitored and apply filters to speed up your workflow.