Health Check for WordPress Websites

We analyze your WordPress websites and provide you with easy-to-apply advice to improve your website performance, SEO, and security!

Security checks

From SSL certificate to not up to date plugins or themes, we check all that could jeopardize your WordPress website's security.

Performance checks
Is your average ping over the last 7 days acceptable? Do you have a cache plugin? Are you compressing your images? We check everything and redirect you toward the best tool available on the market.
SEO checks
Can your website be crawled by Search Engines? Do you fill out your alt texts? Do you use an SEO Plugin? We check everything and redirect you toward the best tool available on the market.

Improve your website security

Apply our advice and recommendation to strengthen your WordPress website security.

Improve your ranking in Search Engines
Our plugin will flag out actions you can trigger to improve your website position in Google and Bing
Improve your user experience
Our tips will help you to improve your website loading time and user experience.

Multiple WordPress sites management has never been so easy

WP Umbrella is reliable and extremely easy to use.



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Premium Member

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