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Getting started: How to install WP Umbrella

Here is a guide that will show you how to install WP Umbrella on your WordPress website to keep it safe and running at peak performance.

Follow these steps but feel free to contact us at if you experience any issues.

If you just have one website, you can install and set-up WP Umbrella directly from your WordPress dashboard.

If you have several websites to monitor, it can be fastest and easiest to create the API keys in our application and then connect the plugin.

Installing WP Umbrella directly from your Website (recommended if you have a single website)

Step 1: Download and Install WP Umbrella

Go to your admin dashboard and click on “Plugins.”

Then click on “Add new.”

WP Umbrella on WordPress plugin directory

Enter “wp umbrella” in the keyword field.

Then, click on “Install now” Once installed, you will be asked to activate the plugin. Click on activate and go to the next step.

Step 2 : Get your API key.

Once activated, our plugin needs an API key to work. To get and activate this key, you need to go to the “Settings” tab of WordPress and click on WP Umbrella.

register to wp umbrella

To get your API key you need to register. You can register directly within the plugin. You just have to fill the forms, agree to our terms of services and click on Register.

The plugin is now connected and ready to monitor your website.

Installing WP Umbrella directly from our Application (recommended if you have several websites to monitor)

Step 1: create a project in WP Umbrella’s application to get your API.

In the application ( click on ‘View Project’ to create a project.

Create a project on WP Umbrella's application

Then click on ‘New Project’

create a project on WP Umbrella

Then enter your project name and the URL that you want to monitor.

You can also let us know who is your hosting provider so we can right write studies based on real data about WordPress hosting performance.

register to wp umbrella

Finally, click here to copy your API key. If you don’t see any data about your project it’s normal. The data will be displayed in 10 to 20 minutes but no worries, the alerting system is working.

copy your api key

Once created, all your keys will be accessible from the ‘project’ tab.

Step 2: download our plugin

You can download WP Umbrella here or from the WordPress plugin directory.

wp umbrella plugin

Click on “Plugins” > “Add New”.

Then look for “WP Umbrella” and click on “Install Now” and then “Activate”

Step 3: connect you’re the API

Now go to the setting tab of WordPress and click on WP Umbrella. Skip the create an account section and past the related API Key in this field.

API key connexion

Repeat the operation for each website you want to monitor.