How to change the monitoring frequency and region

With WP Umbrella, we offer you the ability to monitor your WordPress websites across several regions of the world.

It is important to check the latency that your site may have in different parts of the world as it may differ depending on how and where you host it.

To add or modify a region to monitor, you must go to your “Monitor” tab and select “Settings”.

Updating the settings directly in the plugin

Go to the setting tab of your WordPress admin dashboard and click on ‘WP Umbrella’.

Then click on ‘the uptime & performance’ tab. Then click on ‘settings.’

monitoring settings

From here, just click on the area you want to add or remove to change the selection. Click on save.

You can edit the monitoring frequency from this dashboard as well.

Updating the settings from our web application

To update the monitoring settings from our web application. You need to go in the projects section. From here, click on ‘view’

monitoring settings from wp umbrella app

From here, click on ‘Settings‘ then on ‘Monitor

You can adapt the ping frequency and the regions from here. Click on save.