Monitoring uptime & performance

There is nothing worse than downtime: not to mention the harm in terms of user experience, they can ruin all your SEO and marketing efforts. That's why we monitor them along with the loading time of your site.

Reliable uptime monitoring & instance alerts

Don't miss any downtime and be the first who knows that your website is down. WP Umbrella will alert you and the people you designated so that the problem can be handled in the best possible way.

Ping & Response times monitoring

Track the performance of your uptime, response time and HTTP errors in chart and reveal your web host slowness.

Multi-location checks

We check your website uptime and performance from all over the world. To avoid possible false-positives and provide you with a perfect overview of your page speed world wide

How this feature will help you ?

Mitigate the cost of downtimes

Downtime happens and it’s important to know it before customers do. Our multiple notification system is reliable and makes sure that the people in charge are notified.

Schedule maintenance at the right moment

Understand how your server works and analyze your traffic spikes to schedule your maintenance operations at the right time.

Understand what you really pay for

Hosting providers often guarantee an uptime rate of 99.99%. Are they lying? Understand what you really pay for and ask for promo code!