Tracking & Monitoring PHP errors from plugins and themes

Close monitoring of your site’s PHP errors is crucial to operating a healthy, secure, and well-performing website. When left undetected, PHP errors can reduce performance, waste bandwidth, and leave your site vulnerable to malicious attack. We monitor and track PHP errors. Retrieve PHP error line, error message, plugin version and many other valuable information. Don’t wait any longer to be informed of a malfunction on your WordPress Website.

Real Time & Reliable Monitoring

Our plugin monitors in real time the errors generated by your theme and plugins so you can fix them quickly and easily with the information we provide you with.

Email alerts
Get notified by email as soon as an important error occurs on your website. Some may be simple notices, others more critical. You get to chose what you want to be notified about !
Weekly report
Each week, we send you a report providing you an inventory of the PHP errors that arrived on your WordPress during the last 7 days. Keeping your site up to date is the best way to prevent future problems.

Keep calm and update your website

A good web developer is never serene before pushing an update or moving a site into production. Errors may occur over time.
With WP Umbrella, be notified if this happens. You will have a direct visibility on the version of the plugin or theme responsible for the error.

Manage your issues with your teammates
WP Umbrella dashboard come with several filters that allows you be efficient when managing your issues. Assign an error to a member of your team, validate the patches. Easy peasy.
A complete diagnosis of your errors
Visualize the evolution of your errors and patches. We help you create better applications.

We are serious about WordPress.

Start monitoring your website to mitigate the cost of downtime and improve your security.

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