How to activate WordPress health check

We offer you a “Health Check” tab. This will provide you with several pieces of information on your site, such as:

  • Generic advice regarding the health of your site (SEO, HTTPS, etc.);
  • A report on the configuration of your WordPress installation and your server;
  • A system that informs you of errors in your plugins and your theme

Basically, we cannot force you to use this feature, nor would we want to, so we need you to give us permission to retrieve your information in order to advise you. The aim is to do as much prevention as possible on your site so it stays healthy.

To activate this feature, you have 2 areas on the “Overview” tab. The first one is more important and explains again why you are being asked for authorization. Then, one at the bottom right which will always be available so that you can turn off this feature at any time if you no longer wish us to provide you with the various information mentioned above.

Enable WordPress Site Health

Once you have given us permission, you will have access to our WordPress Health Check tab.