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Communication with our service. User-Agent: WPUmbrella

User-Agent: WPUmbrella

WPUmbrella is the crawling system of WP Umbrella, specifically designed to interact with WordPress sites. It operates by connecting to users’ WordPress sites to gather the necessary information for remote site management.

How do we access your WordPress site?

Our tool is designed to interact gently with your site, ensuring that requests are spaced out to minimize the impact on your site’s performance. The agent operates using a combination of direct requests and WordPress APIs to collect the necessary data without overloading your server.

WP Umbrella utilizes advanced technologies to ensure that the agent can run efficiently and securely, respecting server configurations and bandwidth preferences. We use a variety of IPs, all identified as belonging to WP Umbrella, to optimize exploration coverage and efficiency. Our list of IP addresses:

Server Load Management

WP Umbrella is aware of the importance of maintaining your WordPress site’s performance. If you notice that your site is struggling to handle requests from the WP Umbrella agent, it is possible to customize the frequency and intensity of the crawl to better suit your hosting environment.

Compatibility and Communication

We are compatible with standard and secure versions of HTTP and use respectful methods to access your site’s data without compromising security or privacy. We are committed to adhering to the best practices in the industry regarding data security and privacy.