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Can you explain your pricing structure?

Our pricing operates on a monthly pay-as-you-go basis. This means that your subscription is adjusted each month according to the number of websites linked to your WP Umbrella dashboard on your subscription's renewal date. We've implemented this approach to ensure transparency and fairness, billing you strictly on your actual usage of WP Umbrella.

How many websites can I connect during the trial period?

With WP Umbrella's 14-day trial, you can enjoy all our features across up to five websites. We believe that connecting five websites provides a comprehensive understanding of the value that WP Umbrella can bring to your agency.

Is there a public roadmap available?

Absolutely! You can access our public roadmap here . We always welcome your feedback and feature requests. After all, WP Umbrella is being developed for you, and your insights greatly contribute to its improvement!

Is it possible to opt for yearly payment or purchase a lifetime license?

Unfortunately, we do not offer annual payment options due to our monthly pay-as-you-go model. In addition, we don't provide lifetime licenses. This is because WP Umbrella is a fully-managed service, implying that we host and maintain everything for you. Since this involves recurring monthly costs, it isn't feasible to offer a one-time payment solution.

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