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“I was looking for an alternative to ManageWP. Since GoDaddy has bought ManageWP, the product has lost what made it special and seems to lack updates. I discovered WP Umbrella and I moved all my WordPress websites there. The UX is better, everything is faster and the support is top-notch!”

Florian Truchot, CEO @ Fantassin

ManageWP Alternative The Benefits of Choosing WP Umbrella

  • Transparent Pricing: With ManageWP you never know what your next invoice will look like. WP Umbrella offers transparent pricing at $1.99 per month per website, ensuring no unexpected charges.
  • User-Friendly Experience & Reliability :ManageWP is unnecessarily complex to use, slow and has not been updated for ages. WP Umbrella has a light interface and is constantly updated!
  • Data Privacy and Security: ManageWP is owned by GoDaddy and you don’t know where your data is going. WP Umbrella is made with love in France, your data is hosted on European servers and we are GDPR compliant. We don't sell data and we will never do.
  • Laser Focus On Your Needs: ManageWP's main goal is to share your data with Go Daddy. WP Umbrella's only goal is to help agencies and freelancers with their WordPress maintenance business.

If you're in search of a ManageWP alternative for handling multiple WordPress sites, look no further than WP Umbrella!

Our WordPress management solution is tailor-made to enhance the peace of mind and productivity of WordPress Agencies and Freelancers.

We've streamlined the management of multiple sites, making it effortlessly simple.

Discover the reasons why WP Umbrella is the best alternative to ManageWP.


We all look up to ManageWP as the original pioneer in the field of multiple WordPress sites management. Nevertheless, the market for WordPress management solutions has evolved considerably, bringing in plenty of different solutions to suit a variety of use cases.

Every day, we encounter clients and prospects who are looking for an alternative to ManageWP, that offers top performance, clear pricing, ease of use, and reactive support.

Our customers often ask us how we differ from ManageWP, and that’s precisely what we’ll discuss here.

Let’s find out why WP Umbrella is the best choice to manage multiple WordPress sites compared to ManageWP!

How WP Umbrella Compares to ManageWP in a Nutshell

WP Umbrella offers a seamless experience for managing various WordPress websites through a single, intuitive dashboard. Our platform is designed for simplicity and efficiency, enabling you to conduct and automate all essential WordPress maintenance tasks effortlessly.

Featuring the most advanced WordPress monitoring system on the market, a fail-safe backup system, and transparent pricing, WP Umbrella is revolutionizing the way agencies and freelancers manage their WordPress projects.

We are also proud to have outstanding reviews on Trustpilot , G2 and WordPress!

The differences between ManageWP and WP Umbrella

WP Umbrella
Dashboard for productivity
Clear pricing
Public Roadmap With Frequent updates
Reliable uptime monitoring
PHP error monitoring
Automatic cache clearing after update
Data hosted in Europe
Slack integration
Maintenance reports
Security Monitoring
Automatic database upgrade for WooCommerce / Elementor
Update management

Let’s take a look at some of the main differences between WP Umbrella and ManageWP

Why is WP Umbrella an Excellent Alternative to ManageWP?

Simplicity and Productivity

All you need to manage multiple WordPress sites within minutes is available with our elegant and intuitive dashboard. Accelerate your WordPress maintenance with WP Umbrella for greater productivity.

Fast Support and Customer Service

Our support is fast, personal, and human, available every day. No chatbots, no waiting on tickets—just real help from real human when you need it.

Reliable Alerting System

Rely on our monitoring system to instantly alert you if your site experiences downtime or issues.

Taking WordPress Management to The Next Level

ManageWP may serve as a management solution for WordPress sites, but WP Umbrella is the alternative that's been specifically designed with WordPress agencies and developers in mind. It streamlines workflows by implementing features such as automatic cache clearing and database updates post-updates—details that save users considerable time and effort every time they manage websites.

Made by WordPress Experts for WordPress Lovers

We have been working with WordPress ever since. We will always put our users first and do our best to give back to the WordPress community.


Free $7

Supposed to be Free on unlimited websites.

  • + $2Scheduled Backup
  • + $1White Label
  • + $1Uptime Monitor
  • + $1Advanced Client Report
  • + $1Performance Check
  • + $1Security Check

By site

All features included.


  • Scheduled Backup
  • White Label
  • Uptime Monitor
  • Advanced Client Report
  • Performance Check
  • PHP Monitoring
  • Security Monitoring
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More Reasons to Switch from ManageWP

1. The Best WordPress Management Tool

WP Umbrella offers the best WordPress management dashboard of the market. Our tool is being built in public with the help of our users and constantly improved.

2. More Productivity, More Peace of Mind

WP Umbrella is fast, easy to use. We don’t stack useless feature, only what you need.

3. Get a Reliable Partner

WP Umbrella is reliable solution powered by a devoted team. When you sign up, you also sign up with a partner committed to foster your WordPress maintenance business.

3. Save a Ton of Money

Our pricing is clear. All our features are included.

4. Data Privacy

We don't sell your data and we will never will.

Everything Agencies and Freelancers Need

Automate your workflow and easily prove the value of your work to your clients.

Trusted by Over 10 000 Businesses Worldwide

Don’t Just Take Our Word for It.

    • The UI is excellent, and the customer service is top-notch! You've created one fantastic product that will help me grow my business!

      WordPress Agency Owner
    • I've tried several WordPress management solution, but with WP Umbrella, managing multiple WordPress sites has never been so easy. The dashboard is clear, all the features are reliable and the support is top-notch.

      Maxime Bernard-Jacquet
      CTO WP Chef
    • Must have plugin for Agency Owners. WP Umbrella offers an incredible set of feature that allow me to manage all my website in a few clicks.

      WordPress Agency Owner
    • I simply love the easy-to-use dashboard built on a modern tech stack, and it’s very stable. I never had any issues ever! It has everything you need to ensure your WordPress and your client’s sites are taken care of - backup, updates, security, monitoring, they’ve got it all.

      Aizat H
      WordPress Agency Owner