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WP Umbrella is the most comprehensive monitoring plugin in the World. This includes: tracking WordPress PHP errors which can prevent poor performance and security risks, monitoring uptime, performance and site health.

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WordPress Monitoring is critical

There are a ton of reasons your site may go down: Poor hosting service, a sudden spike in traffic, hackers, or even plugin updates. Monitoring WordPress is the best way to prevent websites from crashing and mitigate downtime.

Go beyong uptime monitoring!

Uptime monitoring is great but downtime prevention is better!
Check out how WP Umbrella revolutionate the monitoring world.

PHP Errors Monitoring

Make your website safer!

We monitor PHP errors. When left undetected, PHP errors can reduce performance, waste bandwidth, and leave your site vulnerable to malicious attack. Retrieve PHP error line, error message, plugin version and many other valuable information.

Uptime & Performance!


Get alerted immediately when something breaks. There is nothing worse than downtime: not to mention the harm in terms of user experience, they can ruin all your SEO and marketing efforts. That's why we monitor them along with the loading time of your site.

Multiple Alerts

Ideal for WordPress Agency!

Discover downtime and issues before customers do. Thanks to our reliable multiple notification system, we are able to alert you and/or your technical team. Downtime is expensive, don’t waste any time. Friendly with Slack.

Single Dashboard

Ideal for WordPress Agency (again)!

Our web application allows you to easily monitor hundreds of websites from a single user friendly dashboard.

Only 3% of incident are discovered
before affecting users

If you're serious about your online business, you need to monitor it!

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Ideal for WooCommerce and WordPress Agency

Never let a customer blaming you because its website is down, and you did nothing about it! WP Umbrella helps you to keep your customers happy.

A single dashboard to monitor them all

Comprehensive Monitoring Solution

Our web application allows you to easily monitor hundreds of websites from a single location. Ideal for digital agencies!

Find out what can jeopardize your website

Improve Security & Performance

A good web developer is never serene before pushing an update or moving a site into production. Errors may occur over time. With WP Umbrella, be notified if this happens. You will have a direct visibility on the version of the plugin or theme responsible for the error.

Better safe than sorry!

WordPress Health Check

Our Plugin WordPress constantly verifies that your website is secured and functional: SSL certificate, PHP errors logs, updates, Search Engines indexability, etc.

Great Support

Support is the backbone of WP Umbrella. We know WordPress by heart
and we will assist if you have any questions or issues with our plugin.

We are serious about WordPress.

Start monitoring your website to mitigate the cost of downtime and improve your security.

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