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We’re on a mission to help agencies and freelancers with their WordPress maintenance business.

The Adventure Begins

In 2021, Thomas Deneulin (CTO) and Aurelio Volle (CEO) joined forces to challenge the status quo and create the ultimate tool to assist agencies and freelancers with their WordPress maintenance businesses. Their unwavering promise: to deliver product updates every two weeks, ensuring clients receive the best possible experience.

Having once managed WordPress maintenance for clients themselves, Thomas and Aurelio are committed to providing everything you need to help your WordPress maintenance business thrive. WP Umbrella offers a fast, simple, and user-friendly approach to managing multiple WordPress sites with ease.

Launch Year
Lyon, France

We understand that agency owners and freelancers already face a mountain of work. That's why we've designed a solution that not only saves time but also demonstrates the value of their services to clients, providing peace of mind.

Aurelio Volle - CEO & Co-Founder

Our Values: The Cornerstones of WP Umbrella

We hold steadfast to our core principles, regardless of the circumstances.


As true entrepreneurs, we cherish freedom. We hire entrepreneurs, work for entrepreneurs, and collaborate with entrepreneurs. We have unwavering faith in people's ability to achieve greatness independently and freely.

Agility & Iteration

We believe that agility and iteration can overcome nearly any challenge. Rome wasn't built in a day, and the only way to avoid mistakes is to do nothing. We encourage the right to make errors and believe that small steps can lead to significant results.

Kindness & Benevolence

Lastly, we are convinced that greatness can only be achieved through dialogue, trust, kindness, and benevolence. This is reflected in our internal communication and interactions with our customers.

The People behind WP Umbrella

Thomas Deneulin - CTO

An esteemed web developer and prominent figure in the French WordPress community, Thomas has a passion for coding and sky-diving.

Aurelio Volle - CEO

As WP Umbrella's CEO, Aurelio oversees everything except coding. He's passionate about communication, climbing, and surfing.

Investors & Advisors

Jonathan Buttigieg & Jean-Baptiste Marchand Arvier

These two entrepreneurs founded the well-known WordPress plugins WP Rocket & Imagify, used by millions of websites worldwide. They saw the potential for improvement in the user experience of other WordPress management tools and decided to invest in WP Umbrella.

That's why they decided to invest in WP Umbrella.

Their expertise in developing trustworthy and user-friendly WordPress products is a game-changer, helping us provide you with one of the best WordPress management tools available.

Made in France in 2021

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