Our Story

We’re on a mission to help agencies and freelancers with their WordPress maintenance business.

The Story

WP Umbrella was founded in 2021 by Thomas Deneulin (CTO) & Aurelio Volle (CEO) with a desire to change the status quo. We set out to create the best tool to help agencies and freelancers with their WordPress maintenance business. That’s our promise and that’s why we release product updates every two weeks.

We have been doing WordPress maintenance for clients in the past, and we are committed to provide you all what you need to make your WordPress maintenance business flourish. We offer a fast, simple and user-friendly way to manage multiple WordPress sites effortlessly.

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Launch Year
Lyon, France

Agency owners and freelancers already have a ton of work. We wanted to offer them a solution that would actually help them to save a ton of time, prove the value of their works to their clients and give them peace of mind.

Aurelio Volle - CEO

Our values

The things that we will never neglect, regardless of the circumstances


We truly are entrepreneurs and we worship freedom. We hire entrepreneurs and we are working for and with entrepreneurs. We believe in the capacity of people to achieve great things by themselves, freely.

Agility & Iteration

We believe that almost every issue can be fixed with agility and iterations. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The only way not to do errors, is to do nothing. We thus encourage the right to error and we are of the opinion that small steps can lead to big results.

Kindness & Benevolence

Last but least, we have the deep convictions that nothing great can be achieve without dialogue, trust, kindness and benevolence. This is reflected in the way we communicate among us, but also with our customers.

The People behind WP Umbrella

Thomas Deneulin - CTO

Thomas is a brilliant web developer and a pillar of the French WordPress Community. He loves coding and sky-diving.

Aurelio Volle - CEO

Aurelio is the CEO of WP Umbrella and he does all what is not coding. He is passionated about communication, climbing and surfing.

Investors & Advisors

Jonathan Buttigieg & Jean-Baptiste Marchand Arvier

Jean-Baptiste & Jonathan are founders of welling-know WordPress plugins used by millions of websites: WP Rocket & Imagify.

They believe that user experience with other management WordPress tools is not optimal and there is a big room of improvements to revolutionize this market.

That's why they decided to invest in WP Umbrella.

Their experience and expertise to develop trustable and easy-to-use WordPress products is a game-changer for us to providing you one of the best management WordPress tool.

Made in France in 2021

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