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Proudly Monitoring WordPress sites since 2020

The story

In 2018, we created an amazing SEO Optimizer plugin for images. Almost 20k download later, we decided to created a new product that would bring something to the WordPress Community. Our deep understanding of the SEO helps us to come to a conclusion: server accessibility, page speed, loading time ( = technical SEO) are fundamental. 

Of course, content ( = On site SEO) and backlinks ( = Off site SEO) are the most important, but since articles have to be original and backlinks natural, we couldn’t do much about it. That’s why we decided to focus on technical SEO. 

But here is the thing, WordPress users don’t often have the technical knowledge to make a difference in this field, and that’s why we created WP Umbrella.

What we bring to people

WP Umbrella, is an uptime and performance monitoring service niched in WordPress. We provide you with email alerts every time a down time happens. We also display performance charts directly in your website dashboard. 

However, informing you about downtime and performance is not enough. That is why, every time we find an issue we provide you with a solution through a thorough article or relevant plugins. This is a 3 steps process:

Our Business Model

Our freemium version offers you almost all the features needed to perfectly monitor a blog or a small corporate site. So, what’s the catch?

WP Umbrella is financed by its premium users and the affiliate links that might be available in our articles. We use affiliate links but we don’t advertise for anybody. This means that we have actually tried all the hosting services and plugins we talk about and that our editorial line is free. Quality first.