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Why you should go premium

  • Monitor more websites
  • Decrease the monitoring interval
  • Weekly performance reports
  • Monitoring from various locations
  • Notify your agency
  • Get more data
  • Premium support

1. Monitor more websites

Follow the activity (downtime, loading time, etc) of several sites. So useful for digital agencies who want to offer maintenance packages to their customers!

2. Decrease the monitoring intervals

In our free version, we check every 10 minutes if your site is online. If you upgrade to premium, you will have the possibility to reduce this interval to 1 minute only.

3. Monitor your websites from all over the world

With the free version, you can only measure your loading time from one area. Premium users can analyze loading time & page speed from all over the world. Essential feature for all eCommerce sites that want to improve their conversion rate!

4. Make sure that the people in charge are notified

It’s nice to know that you website is down, but if you don’t have the skills to fix downtimes what is the point? Our premium version allows to notify the people who are in charge of your WordPress Maintenance too.

5. Access your performance and downtime history

Premium users enjoy 28 of monitoring data. This allow you to know what you really pay for with your web host!

6. Get weekly performance report and advices

We send our premium users a weekly performance report with tailor made tips to improve their situation.

6. Premium support

It’s needless to say that premium users enjoy premium support.