ManageWP alternative: The Benefits of Choosing WP Umbrella

If you’re looking for a ManageWP alternative to manage multiple WordPress sites, WP Umbrella has you covered!

Our unique and powerful solution for WordPress management has been designed to increase WordPress Agencies and Freelancers peace of mind and productivity.

We have made WordPress multiple site management a breeze.

Let’s explore why!

Too Long Didn’t Read

With ManageWP you never know what your invoice will look like. With WP Umbrella you do: $1.49/month by website. No bad surprises.
ManageWP is unnecessarily complex to use and has not been updated for ages. WP Umbrella has a light interface and is constantly updated!
ManageWP is owned by GoDaddy and you don’t really know where your data is going. WP Umbrella is made with love in France and our services are fully hosted on European servers!


We all look up to ManageWP as the original pioneer in the field of multiple WordPress sites management. Nevertheless, the market for WordPress management solution has evolved considerably, bringing in plenty of different solutions to suit a variety of use cases. 

Every day, we encounter clients and prospects who are looking for an alternative to ManageWP, that offers top performance, clear pricing, ease of use, and a reactive support.

Our customers often ask us how we differ from ManageWP, and that’s precisely what we’ll discuss here.

Let’s find out why WP Umbrella is the best choice to manage multiple WordPress sites compared to ManageWP!

How WP Umbrella Compares to ManageWP in a Nutshell

WP Umbrella is the easiest way to manage several WordPress websites from a single dashboard. Our application is light, easy to use and will allow you to perform and automate all the maintenance operations a WordPress website need.

With the most advanced WordPress monitoring system available on the market and it’s clear pricing, WP Umbrella is disrupting they way agencies and freelancers work with WordPress.

We are also proud to have outstanding reviews on Trustpilot, G2 and WordPress!

The differences between ManageWP and WP Umbrella

WP Umbrella
Dashboard for productivity
Clear pricing
Frequently updated
Reliable uptime monitoring
PHP error monitoring
Google PageSpeed monitoring
One click admin access
Maintenance reports
Update management

Let’s take a look at some of the main differences between WP Umbrella and ManageWP:

  • You feel that ManageWP is slow? You sometimes wonder if it is working or not? WP Umbrella dashboard has been designed to help people managing hundreds of websites from a single place. Our dashboard let you exactly where you are supposed to act. Our system of filters also help you to prioritize your actions which is crucial when you manage many WordPress sites.
  • WP Umbrella is probably the most advanced monitoring solution for WordPress. This includes an uptime monitoring frequency (1-30 minutes), the monitoring of GooglePage Insight and the monitoring of PHP errors generated by your theme and plugins. This is a game changer since ManageWP downtime alerts are not always accurate.
  • WP Umbrella’s support team is available 24/7/365. Our average response time for support requests is extremely low, and we even offer multilingual support in English and French.
  • The difference between alerting and spamming can sometime be very small. We have a slack integration to help you dealing with downtime notifications in an efficient way.
  • ManageWP pricing is tricky and complex. Our pricing includes all our features. You just have to think about how many WordPress websites you want to manage and monitor.

Why is WP Umbrella an Excellent Alternative to ManageWP?

Simplicity and Productivity 👌

All what you need to manage multiple WordPress sites within a minutes with our simple, elegant and intuitive interfaces. Perform your WordPress maintenance faster with WP Umbrella.

Fast Support and Customer Service 💪

We provide fast, personal, and human support every day of the week. No chatbots, no support tickets

Reliable Alerting System ⚙️

Our monitoring system is reliable and you will instantly be alerted if downtime happens.

Taking Performance Monitoring to The Next Level 🚀

Unlike ManageWP, WP Umbrella is a real performance monitoring solution. Track your performance and your Google PageSpeed Insights from all over the world.

Made by WordPress Experts for WordPress lovers ❤️

We have been working with WordPress ever since. We will always put our users first and do our best to give back to the WordPress community.

More Reasons to Switch from ManageWP

1. The Most Comprehensive Monitoring Solution For WordPress

Only what gets measured gets improved. WP Umbrella will help you to take WordPress monitoring to the next level.

2. More Productivity, More Peace of Mind

WP Umbrella is fast, easy to use. We don’t stack useless feature, only what you need, but all what you need!

3. Get a Reliable Partner

WP Umbrella is reliable solution powered by a devoted team. When you sign up, you also sign up with a partner committed to help you with WordPress website management.

3. Go Unlimited And Save a Ton of Money

Our pricing is clear. All our features are included in every plan. Go unlimited

4. New Features Every Month

The web is constantly evolving, just like our WordPress management solution. We use your feedback to constantly improve WP Umbrella. For you!

Everything you Need to Facilitate and Speed Up WordPress Management

  • Single Dashboard
  • Plugins & Theme Management
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Google PageSpeed Insights Monitoring
  • WordPress Errors Monitoring
  • Health check and security monitoring
  • Client Report
  • One Click Admin Access
  • Slack integration
  • White label

Clear Pricing Plans to Suit Every Need

All features included, no credit card required.

Why They Left ManageWP for WP Umbrella

” Since GoDaddy has bought ManageWP the product has lost it soul and is lacking of updates. I was also looking for a solution based in Europe & full GDPR compliant. “

” ManageWP is good tool, but honestly it’s too complicated to use, there are too many features and every time I back on my dashboard I feel lost. WP Umbrella is much more easy to use. I instantly know where to go and what to do. “

” ManageWP add ons is unnecessarily complex. I never know how much I’ll pay at the end of the month. WP Umbrella pricing is easy to read and help to have my expenses under control “

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