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In Just Minutes Effortless Migration from ManageWP to WP Umbrella

Looking for a no-fuss, seamless way to migrate all your websites from ManageWP to WP Umbrella? We got you covered! Our one-click script will have you switched over in no time. Ready to roll? Fill out this form!

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Why Make the Switch to WP Umbrella?

For a detailed comparison, check out: ManageWP vs WP Umbrella

Predictable Pricing

With us, it's only $1.99/month per website. We just have only 1 add-on if you want to activate the hourly backup frequency — no nasty surprises.

Slick, Fast Interface

Our platform is continuously updated and way easier to navigate than ManageWP.

Data Security

Your data stays safe on European servers, and we're fully GDPR-compliant. We never share or sell your data.

We Care

Unlike large corporations, our sole mission is to help agencies working with WordPress elevate their productivity. We don't mess around with cross-marketing or anything like that.

How the Migration Process Works

Switching doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. Let us simplify it for you:


Get in Touch

After signing up, reach out to us through our Contact Form (below) to kickstart the migration process. Make sure to use the same email than the one linked to your WP Umbrella account.


Execute a PHP Script Using ManageWP's Code Snippet Feature

We'll send you a PHP script that you can run in the Code Snippet feature on ManageWP. Simply apply it to all the websites you'd like to connect.


Start Managing Your Websites More Easily with WP Umbrella!

Once we’ve completed the migration process for you, take a deep breath and relish the newfound simplicity of managing your websites on WP Umbrella.

Behind the Scenes: What Happens Next?

First things first, sign up for your new WP Umbrella account. It's quick and easy.

Plugin Installation:

We'll guide you on how to bulk install our WP Umbrella plugin across all your sites via ManageWP's interface.

API Connection:

We'll send you a personalized PHP snippet. Once added to your sites, this code will connect them to your new WP Umbrella account.

Backup Setup:

Let us know your preferred backup frequency and timing, and we’ll handle the rest.

Real people. Real businesses. Real situations.

An amazing solution for freelancers that offer maintenance plans: I have worked with many other solutions like MainWP, InfiniteWP, WP Remote, iThemes Sync, WP Timecapsule and others. I even own lifetime licenses to three of them but I chose WP Umbrella because it is fast, has a great price, a clean and beautiful interface and a promising roadmap.

Arne Brockmann
Arne Brockmann Freelancer

I have tried several tools to manage all my client's sites, that one is the most UI friendly, the most practical with a lot of functionalities, and easy to set up. The support is super fast, competent and efficient. The Wordpress plugin is also very lightweight with just the API to set up, no extra settings, everything is under the Umbrella Dashboard. And on top of this, the price is affordable, allowing us to use the tool on all my sites. A freelance tool that became essential.

Juliana Desroches
Juliana Desroches Agency Owner

The migration process was quick and flawless. The team migrated all my websites from ManageWP to WP Umbrella in 2 hours. My account was all set up, and I didn't have to do anything.

Maxime Bernard-Jacquet
Maxime Bernard-Jacquet Agency Owner

Tired of ManageWP and GoDaddy?

Make the switch to WP Umbrella today! Enjoy a simple $1.99/month per website pricing, a user-friendly interface, and 24/7 top-notch support, and data privacy and GDPR compliance.

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What Do I Need Before Starting the Migration?

To hit the ground running, make sure you have an active WP Umbrella subscription and that your sites are already linked up on ManageWP. Oh, and don't forget to whitelist our IP addresses so we can smoothly connect.

How Long Does the Whole Migration Process Take?

Good things take time, right? We usually need between 24 to 72 hours to handle the migration and double-check your initial backup. You can chill, we're on it!

I Noticed the Websites Are Still Connecting. Is That Normal?

Yup, totally normal! It can take a little while for the code to make its rounds across your websites. No need to run the code again, just maybe grab a coffee and let it do its thing.

How complicated is the migration process?

Not complicated at all! We've simplified it into three easy steps. Our team is also on standby to assist you through the whole thing.

What sets WP Umbrella apart from ManageWP?

Lots of things! But to name a few: our focus is solely on helping agencies and freelancers working with WordPress. No cross-marketing shenanigans here. Plus, our interface is sleek, modern, and continuously updated.

Do I have to commit long-term?

Not at all, you can cancel anytime if you are un happy about WP Umbrella.

Make the Switch Today!

Say goodbye to the headaches of ManageWP. With WP Umbrella, you get a slick interface, secure data, and a team that genuinely cares about your needs. So, what are you waiting for? Make the move today!

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