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Monitoring PHP Errors From Plugins and Themes

Close monitoring of your site’s PHP errors is crucial to operating a healthy, secure, and well-performing website. When left undetected, PHP errors can reduce performance, waste bandwidth, and leave your site vulnerable to malicious attack. We monitor PHP errors. Retrieve PHP error line, error message, plugin version and many other valuable information. Don’t wait any longer to be informed of a malfunction on your WordPress Website.

Real Time & Reliable Monitoring

PHP Errors

Our plugin monitors in real time the errors generated by your theme and plugins so you can fix them quickly and easily with the information we provide you with. No need to scan every single page.

Email or Slack alerts

Get notified by email as soon as an important error occurs on your website. Some may be simple notices, others more critical. You get to chose what you want to be notified about !

Working Code Happy Customers

Easy Deployment On Production Sites

A good web developer is never serene before pushing an update or moving a site into production. WP Umbrella will let you know in real time if there are PHP issues and why they happen so you can get some piece of mind and keep your customers happy.

Improve Your Code Quality

PHP Errors may occur over time. Be notified if this happens and have a direct visibility on the version of the plugin or theme responsible for the error.

A Complete Diagnosis Of Your PHP Errors

File, line of the error, PHP version, version of the plugin, etc. Visualize the evolution of your errors and troubleshoot them easily.

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    • I've tried several WordPress management solution, but with WP Umbrella, managing multiple WordPress sites has never been so easy. The dashboard is clear, all the features are reliable and the support is top-notch.

      Maxime Bernard-Jacquet
      CTO WP Chef
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      WordPress Agency Owner
    • I simply love the easy-to-use dashboard built on a modern tech stack, and it’s very stable. I never had any issues ever! It has everything you need to ensure your WordPress and your client’s sites are taken care of - backup, updates, security, monitoring, they’ve got it all.

      Aizat H
      WordPress Agency Owner