WP Umbrella for Agencies

Why fast-growing WordPress agencies like WPBuff and Oh-Nello love WP Umbrella

Increase Customers' Satisfaction

The issue: The worst situation for an agency: having a client who complains that his site is down when you are not even aware of it, while you charge him for maintenance operations.

The solution: With WP Umbrella you are instantly alerted by Slack or email when a downtime happen. Our alerting system is reliable, not spammy, and will help you to troubleshoot outage before your clients even notice it.a.

Monitoring & alerting had always been a pain point for us: when you manage hundreds of websites it can quickly become spammy. WP Umbrella is light and reliable. The slack integration is just perfect to match our needs.


CTO at Fantassin


This tool is amazing ! The PHP errors monitoring allows us to act before WordPress Websites break. WP Umbrella helps us to keep our customers happy!

Nick Adams, COO at WP Buffs

Increase Your Recurring Revenu

The issue: Agency owners that sell WordPress services receive revenue irregularly - from a downpayment to initiate a project, to a final payment after completion. There are months when payments are rolling in, and others when they aren't. You can make your cash flow more stable by offering your customers recurring monthly website maintenance plans.

The solution: with WP Umbrella you can get a monthly recurring revenu by charging your customers with maintenance fees and showing them the great work you do with our automated maintenance report.

The average maintenance monthly maintenance fee you can charge your existing clients.
40-60$ by month

Boost Your Productivity

The issue: managing and maintaining sites takes time. The more websites you manage, the more time-consuming it becomes. And let's be honest, maintaining several WordPress sites is not the most funny things.

The solution: with WP Umbrella, you can perform all your maintenance operation from a single dashboard and our safe update feature will make updating plugins and theme a breeze. WP Umbrella is lighter and easier to use than other WordPress management alternative.

Every month: the time you will save if you use WP Umbrella to do your maintenance operations.
2h per website

Educate your customers about your great work

The issue: maintenance is critical to any WordPress sites, but your clients might not understand why they should be paying a monthly fee for maintenance if the website was well made in a first place.

The solution: WP Umbrella maintenance reports help you to educate your clients about all the maintenance operations that you performed and show them that their website is safe and well running.

Multiple WordPress sites management has never been so easy

WP Umbrella is reliable and extremely easy to use.



"This plugin showed me how many downtime I have on my current Hoster. As a plugin and custom themes developers, this also really helps me to monitor errors."


WordPress Agency Owner

"The UI is excellent, and the customer service is top-notch! You've created one fantastic product that will help me grow my business"


WordPress Agency Owner

"Must have plugin for Agency Owner. WP Umbrella offers an incredible set of feature that allow me to manage all my website in a few clicks."