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Our values, our mission


Thomas Edison

When we both quitted our jobs to create WP Umbrella, we had no certainty. Would it become a well-known and successful solution? Would we even earn a living from it? That we didn’t know.

What we had the conviction of, was that we wanted to build a company around values. Even if we have known each other for two decades, it was important to make sure that we were on the same page

Where do we want to be in 2 years ? in 5 ? How to grow ? Who to hire first ? How to go there? There are so many questions that you need to answer with your associate(s) when you create a company. We’ve have wrapped up in this article these hours of questioning. So, if you consider applying for a job, buying a license or if you are just curious about us, you will find below some answers.

Our Mission: helping millions of agencies and freelancers with their WordPress maintenance business

With WP Umbrella, we want to help WordPress agencies and freelancers with their WordPress maintenance business. We have identified 3 bottlenecks and pain points that we are trying to solve with each of our features:

  1. Productivity: how can we improve your productivity with WordPress maintenance operations? And let’s be honest, making backups and updating plugins is no fun.
  2. Mental burden / peace of mind: how to make sure that you can actually enjoy some peace of mind?
  3. Clients retention: how can we help you to improve your communication with your clients?

Our execution: providing you with an reliable tool extremely easy to use

We are committed to make WP Umbrella the easiest way to manage multiple WordPress sites from a single place.

This includes a large set of features (automatic backups, uptime monitoring, updates management, automated maintenance reports for your clients, etc.)

But the more features you get, the more difficult it is to make a tool user friendly. To deal with this, we constantly apply to WP Umbrella 4 mantras:

1. Only what our customers need!

We believe that your needs should be at the core of what we do – And nothing else. This means, that we will never start to develop something that our premium users didn’t ask for. This also means, that we will beta-test with our premium users all our features before releasing them.

For us, being customer-centric is no bullshit. Even if we love our product, we are building it for YOU. So please, keep sending us your suggestions and feature requests. They are priceless for us!

2. Ease of use is everything!

We worked in global firms and we truly HATE white elephants and red tape. All what we design and code have to be easy to use. We put so much effort to make sure that all the information we provide you with are necessary (nothing more, nothing less) and brings you added value. All what we develop have to be understandable at sight.

3. Time-saving or nothing!

Time is all. Before developing something, we always ask ourselves: how is this feature going to help you to improve your productivity? We apply this for feature development, but also for UX quick fix. We are obsessed by productivity.

We also believe that a digital tool which is not time-saving is not worth-it. Life is too short to spend it doing dull stuff.

4. A great tool always come with a great support!

We have the conviction that nothing can be achieved without a top-notch customer service. Shall you experience an issue with our tools, we commit to provide you with an amazing support and customer experience. Period.

Our values: the thing that we will never neglect, regardless of the circumstances


We truly are entrepreneurs and we worship freedom. We hire entrepreneurs and we are working for and with entrepreneurs. We believe in the capacity of people to achieve great things by themselves, freely.

Agility & Iteration

We believe that almost every issue can be fixed with agility and iterations. Rome wasn’t built in a day. The only way not to do errors, is to do nothing. We thus encourage the right to error and we are of the opinion that small steps can lead to big results.

Kindness & Benevolence

Last but least, we have the deep convictions that nothing great can be achieve without dialogue, trust, kindness and benevolence. This is reflected in the way we communicate among us, but also with our customers.