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Product Update – August 2023

Aurelio Volle

Hello dear friends,

We’ve been diving deep into innovations this summer, refining WP Umbrella for your needs. As the season blooms, so do our features!


  • Introducing the much-awaited Bulk Plugin Upload! Deploy plugins across multiple websites effortlessly. 🚀
  • Enhanced Plugin Management & Update Insights: A fresh look, streamlined processes, and detailed insights on every plugin update available. 🔍
  • Revamped interface for labels and client management for a sleeker experience.

Bulk Plugin Upload is Here! 🚀

Wish you could install plugins across different websites in a jiffy? We heard you loud and clear!

The benefits are numerous. Now you can execute upload across multiple sites with just one click. After each plugin installation, we make sure the cache is cleared instantly, ensuring that your site visitors always see the latest content.

But that’s not all. Whether you prefer sourcing your plugins from WordPress.org, using zip folders, or direct URLs, we’ve got you covered.

Enhanced Plugin Management & Update Insights

We understand the importance of an effective plugin management system. That’s why we’ve given ours a meticulous makeover, putting user-friendliness at the forefront.

We’ve also embedded a feature that some of you have been waiting for. With every plugin update, you now have at your fingertips all the necessary requirements to ensure seamless updates. 

New Interface for Tags & Clients Management 🏷️

We’re thrilled to introduce a fresh, intuitive experience for handling your labels and clients. Our dedication to enhancing your workflow has led us to reimagine our previous design, embracing a more streamlined approach.

Say goodbye to the old site selector. Our revamped interface is a breath of fresh air, emphasizing ease of use. Every action, every click is now intuitive, making your tasks feel almost effortless.

See you soon for another plugin update!