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Product Update December 2023

Aurelio Volle

Hello friends,

Only two weeks have passed since our last product update, and our current development pace is so crazy that we’re back with more exciting news! We’ve been working tirelessly to enhance your WP Umbrella experience, and I can’t wait to share the latest features we’ve rolled out.


  • Bulk Plugin & Theme Deletion: Streamline your site management with our new bulk deletion capabilities.
  • Website Notes Feature: Boost organization and teamwork with our innovative note-taking tool.

Bulk Plugin & Theme Deletion 🛠

Hot on the heels of our previous updates, we bring you the ability to delete plugins and themes in bulk! This feature, highly requested by many of you, is now live and ready to make your life easier. Say goodbye to the tedious task of removing plugins and themes one by one. Now, with just a few clicks, you can clean up your site more efficiently than ever before.

Just a heads-up: you can only delete plugins and themes that have been deactivated. Plus, we’ve included an automatic cache clearance post-deletion, so you don’t have to worry about manual cleanups.

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Website Notes Feature 📝 

Our innovation streak continues with the introduction of the Website Notes feature. This tool is designed to enhance your website management experience significantly. It allows you to jot down essential information, from maintenance reminders to creative ideas, directly on your website dashboard. You use these notes to ensure seamless collaboration and consistent WordPress maintenance.

This feature isn’t just about taking notes; it’s a comprehensive solution for maintaining organization, facilitating effective teamwork, and keeping track of your website’s ongoing changes and strategies. It’s particularly beneficial for agencies managing multiple client websites, and it will pave the way of the release of our team member feature.

Stay tuned, new cool surprises will be release very soon..! 😏