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Product Update – Septembre 2023

Aurelio Volle

Hello friends,

We’ve got some exciting news that we can’t wait to share with you! Drumroll, please… 🥁

Introducing our newest feature: Security Monitoring!

Yeah, you heard it right!


  • 🛡 New Feature Alert: We’ve launched our Security Monitoring feature to help you keep your WordPress sites safe as houses!
  •  🇳🇱 WordCamp Netherlands: We had an awesome time meeting some of you and geeking out over WordPress!
  • 💰 Cloudways Promo: Exclusively for WP Umbrella users, snag a 30% OFF promo code (WPUMB) during 3 months for hosting with Cloudways.
WordCamp Netherlands 2023

Introducing Security Monitoring in WP Umbrella 🛡

We get it, keeping your clients’ WordPress sites secure is a BIG deal. That’s why we’re stepping up our game with Security Monitoring. 

security monitoring

This feature is all about giving you that peace of mind you’ve been craving. No more sleepless nights worrying about vulnerabilities or security issues, we’ve got you covered!

Here’s How It Works 🛠

Our Security Monitoring feature scans your WordPress sites 4 times a day to catch any nasty vulnerabilities in plugins, themes, you name it. 

Oh, and it’s not just about WordPress core vulnerabilities; we’re also monitoring:

  • Plugin Vulnerabilities
  • Theme Vulnerabilities
  • SSL Certificate Issues
  • WordPress Version
  • PHP Version
  • Inactive Plugins and Themes
  • WP_DEBUG Status

Yep, it’s pretty much like having a security guard for your WordPress site!

If you’re eager to dive in, our full documentation is just a click away: Getting Started with Security Monitoring in WP Umbrella.

Cloudways Partnership Alert 🚨

Good news keeps rolling in! Since WP Umbrella is most commonly installed on Cloudways, we got in touch with them and scored an exclusive 30% OFF promo code during 3 months just for you, our awesome WP Umbrella users.

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Frequently asked questions about security monitoring in WP Umbrella

Is this included in my current plan?

You bet! Just like all the other awesome features you get with WP Umbrella, Security Monitoring is included in your plan. The only extra you might consider is our hourly backup add-on.

How often are my websites checked?

Your websites are scanned every 6 hours. We are getting the data from Patchstack, our security partner. 

What about malware removals?

We’ve opted not to include a malware scanner in WP Umbrella, as we believe this issue is better tackled at the server level. This approach allows us to focus on proactive, more reliable security measures for our users.

See you soon for another product update!