WP Umbrella September Update: Bulk Adding Websites And New Pricing

October has just started and it’s time to publish our new monthly updates report.

Let’s be honest, we are not about to announce any gaming-changing features for you.


What we have decided will impact the future of WP Umbrella!

This teasing is lame, so let’s get started with a quick recap of what’s new:

  • Bulk adding websites is now possible ⚙️
  • New Pricing including unlimited plan 💰

Bulk Adding Websites ⚙️

bulk adding websites

We have developed a bot to bulk download, activate and set-up WP Umbrella on hundreds of websites.

All what you have to do is to send us this .CSV file at support@wp-umbrella.com and we will do the rest.

The process is extremely safe, well functioning and we do not keep any data.

This will help big agencies to migrate their website from the competition to WP Umbrella dashboard.

Remember, peace of mind first!

New Pricing – including an unlimited plan💰

We have totally shifted our pricing in order to better match your needs.

The first plan now starts at 5 websites for what we call casual freelancers;

The second plan starts at 20 websites for freelancers whose core activity is to manage and maintain WordPress sites.

The third plan starts at 50 websites and should be perfect for small agencies looking for productivity and peace of mind.

The fourth plan stays at 100 websites for medium to big WordPress agencies having a core activity linked to WordPress

And last but not least, the unlimited plan should be perfect for the agencies dealing with hundreds of WordPress clients (hi WPBuffs and WP Tech Support 👋)

We would be really happy to know your feelings about this!

What’s next ?

Thanks to your numerous feedback we understood how reporting to your clients was important for you.

In the coming weeks we will pimp-up our client report and gives you room for customization.

The new report will be fully automated (self-generation and automatically sent to the emails of your choice).

We really appreciate talking with you guys, so please keep sending us feedback and let us know how to improve WP Umbrella!