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Hosting Review: Is WP Provider The Right Fit for Your Business?

The WP Umbrella Team

If you are looking for a robust, managed WordPress hosting service, you are in the right place!

We are going to take a look at WP Provider’s Managed WordPress hosting service and how they hold up with the competition.

We are going to perform extensive tests to check the performance and uptime promised by the WP Provider and look at the features they offer to test out whether you should leave your existing hosting service and switch to WP Provider, so with any further delay, let’s get into the review.


  • WP Provider delivers high-quality managed WordPress hosting services with excellent uptime, fast server speeds, and robust features.
  • Their dedicated support team excels in addressing customer needs efficiently.
  • WP Provider use green hydropower energy to power their data center resulting in a  reduced carbon emission.

WP Provider stands out among managed WordPress hosting providers due to its impressive uptime, quick server speeds, and extensive feature set. Additionally, their knowledgeable support staff consistently addresses customers’ requirements effectively. Overall, WP Provider presents an appealing choice for those looking for dependable and fully-featured WordPress hosting.

Throughout our review process, we discovered several key aspects of WP Provider’s performance:

Pros about WP Umbrella

  • Exceptional uptime averaging 99.99%
  • Blazing fast server speeds
  • Comprehensive 24/7 phone support offering immediate responses and helpful guidance
  • Positive feedback from satisfied users
  • Feature-rich plans catering to diverse business needs.

Cons about WP Umbrella

  • No package plans. All plans are custom-made based on your requirements which might undermine the readability of the offer.

Review Synthesis

Average Ping in the USAUnder 200ms
Average Ping in EuropeUnder 100ms
Support Under 2 minutes 24/7
Key FeaturesExpert Support, 24/7User-Friendly Control PanelWordPress OptimizationLitespeed EnterpriseEnvironment-Friendly HostingHassle-Free Migration1500+ extension
Ease of useExceptional
PricingCustom Plans Based on Your Needs
CustomersNot disclosed
WP Provider  HeadquartersAmsterdam, Netherlands
Date of Creation2009

Presentation And Key Findings

What is WP Provider?

WP Provider has established itself as a leading hosting service provider for WordPress websites, offering services ranging from site migration and email hosting to maintenance and optimization. Their professional staff is very helpful and will resolve all your queries through their 24/7 Phone support.

wp provider uptime rate

The Managed WordPress Hosting Advantage

  • Optimized Environment: WP Provider fine-tunes their servers specifically for WordPress, resulting in better compatibility and performance. They typically employ faster hardware configurations, optimized databases, and efficient caching systems to ensure smooth operation and quicker loading times.
  • Automated Updates & Maintenance: With WP Provider’s managed WordPress hosting, routine updates and maintenance tasks are handled by WP Provider. This includes updating core software components, plugins, and themes while also performing security checks and malware scans regularly.
  • Expert Support: WP Provider provides dedicated 24/7 phone support from professionals familiar with the intricacies of the platform. Users benefit from expert guidance when troubleshooting issues, configuring settings, or implementing optimization strategies.
  • Scalability: WP Provider offers custom plans catering to different growth stages and traffic patterns. Scaling resources becomes more straightforward without requiring manual intervention or migration processes.
  • Security Enhancements: Security measures implemented by WP Provider generally surpass those found in generic shared hosting environments. They implement robust firewall rules, restrict file permissions, enforce secure connections via SSL certificates, and isolate customer accounts to prevent cross-contamination.
  • Staging Environments: WP Provider include a built-in staging environment allowing developers to test changes safely before deploying them live. Staging environments facilitate smoother workflows, minimize disruptions, and encourage experimentation without affecting production sites.
  • Performance Optimizations: Advanced caching techniques like Redis, content delivery networks (CDNs), and other performance-enhancing tools come preconfigured in WP Provider managed WordPress hosting packages. Such optimizations improve site speed, reduce bounce rates, and positively impact SEO rankings.

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A Technical Rundown on WP Provider Servers

To deliver top-notch performance and reliability, WP Provider uses advanced technology stack components within its enterprise server infrastructure. Here’s a closer look at the various elements contributing to WP Provider’s exceptional hosting environment:

  • Hardware Configuration: All WP Provider servers utilize NVMe drives instead of conventional hard disk drives (HDDs). NVMe’s offer faster read/write speeds, reduced latency, and increased durability compared to HDDs or SSD’s. Furthermore, they equip each server with Intel Xeon processors and ample RAM allocations to accommodate resource-intensive applications efficiently.
  • Operating System: WP Provider primarily relies on CloudLinux as its operating system of choice. Known for stability, security, and flexibility, CloudLinux enables administrators to manage server resources effectively while ensuring consistent performance across all hosted websites.
  • Web Server Software: For handling incoming requests, WP Provider utilizes Litespeed – a lightweight yet powerful open-source web server renowned for its low memory footprint and high concurrency capabilities.
  • PHP Version: To execute dynamic content generation, WP Provider supports multiple versions of PHP, including PHP 8.2, which brings significant improvements over previous iterations regarding speed and security. 
  • Database Management: MySQL serves as the default database management system for WP Provider’s hosting environment. Its widespread adoption among WordPress users and extensive documentation make it an ideal choice for managing complex data structures efficiently.
  • Caching Mechanisms: Leveraging caching mechanisms plays a crucial role in reducing server loads and accelerating content delivery. WP Provider integrates Redis object caching to store frequently accessed objects in memory, thus mitigating pressure on underlying databases and delivering rapid responses.
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN): WP Provider partners with Cloudflare, a globally distributed network spanning numerous data centers worldwide. Integrating Cloudflare into the hosting environment allows customers to serve cached assets directly from nearby locations, drastically reducing latency and improving end-user experience.
  • Firewalls & Security Measures: Robust firewall rules combined with real-time threat intelligence feeds protect WP Provider’s servers against common exploits and brute force attacks. 
  • Backup Solutions: Automatic daily backups are performed, guaranteeing data integrity and facilitating hassle-free restores whenever required.

Is WP Provider Support Great?

WP Provider live up to their promises and offer great customer support service. Their support team was active 24/7 and promptly resolved all my issues. The support team was very professional and friendly. The team seemed to be very adept in WordPress hosting as they simplified the process for me, and I had no issue following their directions.

What Do People Say About WP Provider?

WP Provider reviews on Google

On Google, WP Provider maintains a perfect 5-star rating with over 189 reviews. Maintaining this kind of rating is phenomenal and tells a lot about their hosting services and customer support. Let’s check out what customers are saying about WP Provider.

My experience with WP Provider has been second to none and I can only recommend them for your all needs WP/Hosting/Webmastering”- Kévin FRELAUD.

“WP Provider has gone above and beyond to surpass my expectations. Their customer support is exceptional, and their performance is reliable, making them a true gem in the WordPress hosting industry”- Steven van Esch.

“I am very satisfied with WP Provider. As an inexperienced website owner you encounter, sometimes small, practical problems. They respond quickly and think along. Among other things, they helped me get my new business account at Microsoft to work well with their hosting. It is a nice idea that they will respond quickly to problems,” said Liliane Bouma.

Etc, etc.

WP Provider’s Features

  • Auto-Updates for Plugins: WP Provider handles small plugin updates automatically, so you don’t have to worry about keeping everything compatible and secure. When big changes come around, though, They let you decide when it’s safe to update since those sometimes affect how your site works.
  • Easy Migrations: Moving your WordPress site to WP Provider is super simple. Just follow their step-by-step guide, and their expert will do all the heavy lifting – like moving files, syncing databases, and handling domain name stuff.
  • No Caps on Visits or Bandwidth: Unlike many hosting services, WP Provider won’t limit the number of people visiting your site or punish you for using too many resources. Go ahead and grow without fear of unexpected bills or restrictions.
  • Expert Professional Ready to Assist: WP Provider’s friendly support team knows their way around WordPress issues. From setting up themes to optimizing performance, they’ve got your back through 24/7 phone support whether you’re just starting out or already rockin’ multiple sites.

Environment-Friendly Hosting

The best part of hosting with WP Provider is their eco-friendly solution. Yes, you heard that right. All the websites hosted on WP Provider’s server are powered by renewable sources of energy.

  • Hydropower: All the servers in the WP Provider data centers are powered by hydropower. WP Provider DC partners with Energiedienst AG- a TÜV certified organization that generates 100% carbon-free green energy.
  • Energy-Efficient Hardware: WP Provider uses energy-efficient hardware and network components that use low energy without compromising on performance. Energy-efficient components make sure that your carbon footprint is low while your website performance is high.

Is WP Provider Worth The Money?

Evaluating the value of WP Provider involves considering various factors. WP Provider is known for its high uptime and offers 24/7 phone support, which are significant considerations for its pricing.

An interesting aspect of WP Provider is its billing structure. Unlike many providers that offer pre-packaged plans, WP Provider customizes its plans based on individual user requirements. This approach can lead to a more tailored, potentially more efficient hosting experience, with scalability that can match website growth.

When determining the best hosting service for a business, it’s important to weigh these features against the cost to decide if WP Provider aligns with your specific needs and budget, but it’s definitely a great hosting provider!

Alternatives to WP Provider

While WP Provider offer a great hosting solution, it never hurts to explore your options. Let’s check out some Alternatives to WP Provider so you can compare their features and decide which is the better service for you.

If you want super fast load times, high uptime, and a higher budget, then you can consider Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting service. Kinsta uses Google Cloud Platform for its hosting services, resulting in a fast performing website.

Cloudways is another great hosting service provider that offers excellent value-for-money plans with the support of multiple cloud providers like AWS and Digital Ocean. If you are a tinkerer, then Cloudways is a great option for you.

If you are on a budget, then you can also consider One.com, which offers a range of budget-friendly plans for small businesses and personal blogs.

Depending on your need, there are many Alternatives to WP Provider, and you can compare and assess their services to find your endgame hosting service.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About WP Provider

Can users migrate their existing WordPress websites to WP Provider’s platform?

Yes, WP Provider helps clients transfer their WordPress websites from different hosts smoothly, taking care of technical details such as DNS changes, file transfers, and database synchronization. Users only need to share a one-time user for WP Provider to do the migration process.

Does WP Provider cap traffic or bandwidth usage?

Unlike many competitors, WP Provider doesn’t impose artificial traffic limits or bandwidth quotas. This approach enables users to scale according to their requirements without worrying about additional costs or penalties.

What level of support does WP Provider provide if users face problems configuring their WordPress sites?

WP Provider’s knowledgeable support team excels at resolving various challenges related to WordPress setup, including theme installation, plugin activation, and maintenance. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced developer, they aim to deliver efficient solutions tailored to your unique situation.

Conclusion: Is WP Provider Best Value For Money Hosting Service?

If you want a robust, managed WordPress hosting service with high uptime and professional phone support, then WP Provider is the best WordPress hosting service available in the market.

Their fast and environmentally friendly hosting solutions will take care of both your website and the planet Earth.

You should definitely check out WP Provider if you are serious about your online presence and want to grow your business.