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Elevating Website Portfolio Management with WP Umbrella: WP Nordic’s Success Story

The WP Umbrella Team

WP Nordic is your go-to WordPress Management Partner when it comes to driving digital growth. Headquartered in Norway and fluent in multiple languages, their tight-knit team of three professionals oversees more than 10 client websites. They offer specialized services ranging from custom web development to support and maintenance, all aimed at redefining your digital presence. Despite they array of services and expertise, they faced considerable challenges in website portfolio management until WP Umbrella came into the picture.

Company Snapshot

  • Company’s Name: WP Nordic
  • Number of Employees: 3
  • Websites Managed: 10+
  • Language: English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish
  • Location: Norway
  • Services: Web Development, Support & Maintenance

The Issue

Managing and hosting a diverse range of websites, from straightforward WordPress landing pages to intricate e-commerce solutions boasting 20,000+ products, posed a challenge. We required software that could provide a comprehensive overview of critical aspects such as site speed, necessary updates, security concerns, one-click login, and robust reporting systems to effectively oversee this varied website portfolio.

The Solutions

Some of our team members were already familiar with WP Umbrella and its capabilities, having used it since its initial launch. We sought a solution that could provide an efficient overview of site speed, needed updates, security issues, one-click login, and robust reporting systems, especially as we manage everything from simple WordPress landing pages to complex e-commerce solutions with 20,000+ products.

We recognized that WP Umbrella was the reliable system we needed to connect and manage an unlimited number of WordPress pages. It was an obvious choice for us, aligning with our dedication to leveraging WordPress to its full potential. WP Umbrella became a crucial part of our strategy to scale our business from Norway to the rest of Scandinavia, making it our top pick among WordPress Management Tools.