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WP Umbrella for Agencies

Why fast-growing WordPress agencies like WPBuff love WP Umbrella


This tool is amazing ! The PHP errors monitoring allows us to act before WordPress Websites break. WP Umbrella helps us to keep our customers happy!

Nick Adams, COO at WP Buffs

Prevent and mitigate downtime to increase your customers' satisfaction.

Do you know what’s worse than a customer’s website down? A customer yelling at you because its website is down and you did nothing. WP Umbrella will alert you instantly if downtime happens so you can react before your customers get angry! Our PHP Monitoring feature will also allow you to intervene on PHP errors before they break your customers’ websites.

A great opportunity to increase your average order value

Include Uptime, Performance and PHP errors monitoring in your quotes and increase your average order value. With covid-19 crisis, it’s more important than never to have a website accessible and loading fast. Our pricing is highly competitive and will allow you to make significant profits out of our tool.

When it comes to maintenance, it’s very hard to explain to your customers what you exactly did. With WP Umbrella, you can tell them on many PHP errors you fixed. They can also enjoy our weekly performance report and now that their websites are between (your) go hands!

Average impact of WP Umbrella on digital agencies’ customer satisfaction.

Multiple WordPress sites management has never been so easy

WP Umbrella is reliable and extremely easy to use.



"This plugin showed me how many downtime I have on my current Hoster. As a plugin and custom themes developers, this also really helps me to monitor errors."


Premium Member

" It's easy to add the reports to your client's dashboard. The UI is excellent, and the customer service is top-notch! You've created one fantastic product that will help me grow my business."


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"Must have plugin for Agency Owner. The best plugin very easy to use and the best tool to monitor WordPress websites."