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  1. Codeplay’s Shift to GDPR Compliance: Navigating the Seamless Transition from ManageWP to WP Umbrella

    In this use case, we explore the reasons behind this decision from the perspective of Phil Büchler, Codeplay’s CTO.

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    In this case study, Nicole Hanusek, the founder of Smack Happy Design, delves into the reasons behind moving from ManageWP to WP Umbrella and shares insights on the seamless transition process.

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    Explore DDESIGN’s strategic move from ManageWP to WP Umbrella, emphasizing GDPR compliance and client-focused web management solutions.

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    Discover how WP Umbrella revolutionized WordPress management at BSA Web, offering seamless updates, backups, and 24/7 site monitoring.

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    WP Nordic transformed its website management and scaled its business across Scandinavia using WP Umbrella’s comprehensive WordPress tools.

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    OWUP harnessed WP Umbrella’s suite of tools to streamline client website maintenance, freeing up time and boosting customer satisfaction.

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