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Product Update – February 2023

Aurelio Volle

Hello friends!

We are just coming back from the WordCamp Asia with a new product update based on the possibility for you to enhance further your reports with the uses of variable!

Let’s get this monthly product update started!


We have just released a client management feature. You’ll be able to add your client information in WP Umbrella and use variables based on that information in your reports.  This will help you provide more personalized reports to your clients, and ultimately help you build stronger relationships with them.

WordCamp Asia Was Amazing

The WP Umbrella Team At the WC Asia

After WordCamp Europe and WordCamp Lyon, we sponsored the first edition of WordCamp Asia. The WordPress community was incredibly welcoming, and we thoroughly enjoyed discussing multiple websites management with them. We were blown away by the amount of interest in WP Umbrella and grateful for the wonderful feedback we received.

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Personalize Your Reports with Our New Client Management Feature

Starting today, you’ll be able to add your client information and use variables based on that information in your reports. With this feature, you can now tailor your reports to each individual client and make them even more meaningful by adding dynamic variables based on your client information.

Client management in WP Umbrella

To get started, simply navigate to your client list in WP Umbrella and add your clients’ information.

Then, in your report builder, you’ll see a new set of variables that you can use based on your client information. These variables will be automatically populated with the relevant information for each client, making it easy to create customized reports.

using variables in WP Umbrella

You can always check our full documentation about how to use the variables if needed!

Frequently Asked Questions About Variables

Where can I use the variables ?

Variables can be used in the welcome / closing messages and in the email body and subject.

Will you add more variables in the future?

Yes, this feature is a minimum viable product and we will keep improving it in the coming months.

Can I bill my clients from WP Umbrella?

At the moment, billing clients directly from WP Umbrella is not yet available as it is still a minimum viable product. However, rest assured that this feature will be significantly improved in the coming months to provide better client management capabilities.