Monitor WordPress Websites to prevent and mitigate downtime

Uptime monitoring is great but downtime prevention is better! Our plugin monitors your WordPress websites and alert you if anything goes wrong: from PHP errors, to uptime and performance.

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Monitor PHP errors to prevent downtime and ease WordPress websites deployment / maintenance

WP Umbrella tracks PHP errors generated by your theme and plugins. This helps you to prevent downtime and accelerate your maintenance operations and ease your websites deployment flow.

Uptime Monitoring for WordPress

Downtimes happen. Be the first who knows that your WordPress is down. Receive instant alerts when this happens and mitigate the cost of downtime.

Get notified instantly

Monitor hundreds of websites from a single dashboard

Our web application allows you to easily monitor many websites from a single location. Ideal for digital agencies!

Monitor Hundreds of Websites

Multiple Alerts

Discover downtime and issues before customers do. Thanks to our reliable multiple notification system, we are able to alert you and/or your technical team. Downtime is expensive. Don’t waste any time. Friendly with Slack.

WordPress Health check and prevention

Our Plugin WordPress constantly verifies that your website is safe and in good shape: SSL certificate, theme and plugins PHP errors logs, updates, Search Engines indexability, etc.

Why do you need WP Umbrella?

Without WP Umbrella

Uptime monitoring
Website performance monitoring
Downtime instant alert
Collaborative management tool
Multiple website friendly
Weekly report
Ergonomic charts
Critical information checker
Check HTTPS verification
Slack Notification

Why do our users love WP Umbrella?



This plugin showed me how many downtime I have on my current Hoster. As a plugin and custom themes developers, this also really helps me to monitor errors.



This plugin is really a must have for any WordPress installs. Take your blinders off and see how well your host is performing and most importantly be notified if anything go south before your users.

Test the performance of your website for free

Test the performance of your website for free