The Best Monitoring plugin for Wordpress

Downtime, appens more often than you might think. So it’s important to know it before your visitors and customers do.
WP Umbrella will alert you if anything goes wrong on your WordPress Website so you can mitigate the cost of downtime.

We Monitor Your WordPress Websites so you don’t have to worry !

Downtime and slow websites are infuriating! Sometimes it takes several hours/days before the problem is reported to the technical team. This hurts both your sales and your reputation!

Our Monitoring Plugin checks the vital functions (downtime, performance, PHP errors) of your WordPress and alerts you if a critical incident occurs on one of your websites.

Uptime Monitoring for WordPress

Downtimes happen. Be the first who knows that your WordPress is down. Receive instant email alerts when this happens.

Measure & analyze the performance of your WordPress website

Monitor your WordPress Website's performance and understand how to speed up your loading time with ergonomic charts and relevant data.

WordPress Health check and prevention

Our Plugin WordPress constantly verifies that your website is safe and in good shape: SSL certificate, theme and plugins PHP errors logs, updates, Search Engines indexability.

Instantly Notify the people in charge !

Multiple Email Alerts

Thanks to our reliable multiple notification system, we are able to alert you and/or your technical team. Downtime is expensive. Don’t waste any time!

Weekly Performance Report

Every week, we provide our premium users with a Weekly Performance Report about their website. Learn More about the Weekly Performance Report.

Slack Alerts

Get alerted in the slack channel of your choice about downtime and make sure your team never misses any outage.

Test the performance of your website for free

How Can WP Umbrella Work For You?

Digital Agencies working with WordPress

In 2020, no one can afford to have an offline website anymore. Especially not your customers. The reputation of your digital agency is at stake. Downtime happens. Find out before your customers and keep them happy.
WP Umbrella is ideal to manage several WordPress Websites: invite teammates to projects and manage all your websites from a single dashboard.

Web Marketers & WooCommerce Owners

What's the point of spending money on advertising if your site is not accessible? Downtime can ruin all your marketing efforts. WP Umbrella allows you to minimize downtime costs while tracking the performance of your website. Return on investment Guaranteed!

WordPress Developers

WP Umbrella provides WordPress developers with a way to track and diagnose errors generated by plugins and theme. This allows them to work with peace of mind and be notified in case of errors during the production step.
Our plugin helps developers produce more robust code by alerting them when errors occur. WP Umbrella is a solution that goes far beyond just monitoring uptime and performance!

Without WP Umbrella

Uptime monitoring
Website performance monitoring
Downtime instant alert
Collaborative management tool
Multiple website friendly
Weekly report
Ergonomic charts
Critical information checker
Check HTTPS verification
Slack Notification
Broken links checker
Unspported Plugins & Themes
Missing alt tags
Tracking User Activity

Test the performance of your website for free