WP Umbrella 1.6: Take WordPress Sites Management To The Next Level

It has taken months for us to get the first major release of 2021 out, but it was worth waiting for.

Say hello to WP Umbrella 1.6.

This new version comes with a string of new changes, including features and enhancements all aiming at improving your WordPress sites management workflow.

If you’re wondering how these improvements will impact your website, or if you’re already ecstatic about them, this article is for you. 

Without further ado, let’s get started.

What’s New in WP Umbrella 1.6

During the development of version 1.6, our major focus was on helping our users to save time and get peace of mind when it comes to WordPress sites management.

Here are the most relevant enhancements included in this version:

  • #Feature: A whole new dashboard to manage all your websites from a single place;
  • #Feature: Security warnings
  • #Feature: External API for client reports;
  • #Feature: Plugins update in our application;
  • #UX: Single API key for all your project;
  • #UX: A new way to add projects in the application;
  • #UX: And we also tweaked the plugin..!

One Single Dashboard to Run Them All

wp umbrella dashboard

What does it do? Give you access to all the information you should be aware of to maintain one or hundreds of WordPress sites.

Why is this important? Because it will allow you to improve your maintenance workflow, save you a ton of time while helping you to keep your customers happy!

Security Warnings

critical warnings

What does it do? Inform you about all these small details that you can easily forget meanwhile they could actually have a tremendous negative impact on your websites.

Why is this important? Because you never check if your SSL certificate is still up to date or if WP_DEBUG_LOG is ‘TRUE’ until it’s to late.

External API for Client Report

Our external API is now working. So if you want to integrate your uptime / performance data, or any kind of data available in WP Umbrella, in your own client reports, shoot us an email at support@wp-umbrella.com. The documentation is not ready yet, but we would happy to help you with the deployment.

What does it do? Give your access to all the data related to your websites.

Why is this important? Because you can integrate these data in your own client report/dashboard.

Plugin Updates From WP Umbrella’s Application

update plugins

What does it do? Give your the possibility to update plugins on several websites without leaving WP Umbrella’s application and without having the burden to log in every site that you want to update.

Why is it important? This way, you can save so much time when it comes to updating plugins on several websites.

One Single API Key For All Your Project

What does it do? Before WP Umbrella 2.0, every project had its own API key. We have reworked our API key system and you can now manage, maintain and monitor all your WordPress websites with the same API key.

Why is it important? If you have several WordPress sites, this will ease the deployment of WP Umbrella on all of them.

A New Way To Add Project In Our Application?

wp umbrella add a project

What does it do? It allows adding project more easily in our application.

Why is it important? Like with the single API key thing, this will ease the deployment of WP Umbrella for people that own several WordPress websites.

A Whole New Plugin

Last, but not least, we have totally tweaked WP Umbrella’s plugin to integrate critical warnings and give you a better overview of all that is going on on your WordPress site.

WP Umbrella plugin

Please feel free to let us know what you think about this new version of WP Umbrella at support@wp-umbrella.com!