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How DDESIGN Chose WP Umbrella Over ManageWP for Superior GDPR Compliance

The WP Umbrella Team

In an era where digital compliance and data protection are paramount, DDESIGN’s transition from ManageWP to WP Umbrella marks a significant shift towards enhanced GDPR compliance and client trust. This case study delves into the insightful journey of Deborah, DDESIGN’s founder, as she navigates the complex landscape of web management tools. Focused on delivering top-notch services while adhering to stringent data protection standards, DDESIGN’s move to WP Umbrella highlights their commitment to both technological excellence and the safeguarding of client data in the ever-evolving digital world.

Company Snapshot

Company Card:

  • Year of Creation: 2009
  • Location: Grenoble, Rhone Alpes
  • Number of Employees: Operates as a collective of freelancers with no full-time employees
  • Number of Websites Created: Over 500
  • Number of Websites Managed: Over a hundred

Established in 2009, DDESIGN is a comprehensive web agency. They specialize in supporting entrepreneurs and independent professionals by creating impactful WordPress sites at the heart of customized web strategies. Their approach is to forge genuine relationships with each client, grounded in attentive listening and trust, to create a web project that’s uniquely theirs. As a collective of freelancers, our agency boasts extensive technical and geographical flexibility. Hundreds of clients have entrusted them with crafting their digital narratives.

What is your role within the company?

As the founder, I lead our vision and manage web missions. My responsibility lies in coordinating the team and client relations, overseeing WordPress expertise, web strategy, and digital communication.

What prompted your switch to WP Umbrella? What challenges were you looking to address?

I discovered WP Umbrella during a WordPress bootcamp. Thomas, one of the co-founders, introduced me to it, and I was quickly impressed by its capabilities, despite being relatively new at the time. As someone who supports solutions within my the WordPress ecosystem, I was eager to understand their motivation and give it a try.

What advantages does WP Umbrella offer as your WordPress management tool?

My key requirement was a GDPR-compliant tool, as data protection is a crucial aspect of our web services for clients. WP Umbrella distinctly meets this need. What I appreciate most is their singular focus: to assist in managing multiple WordPress sites without upselling hosting or other services. I trust them with my data, a stark contrast to experiences with providers like GoDaddy or similar US-based solutions.

Why did you transition from ManageWP to WP Umbrella? Has this move allowed you to forgo other tools (such as backup plugins, monitoring solutions, etc.)?

I didn’t immediately switch from ManageWP. I took time to compare and identify the best fit for my agency. The first thing that stood out about WP Umbrella was their approachable and efficient customer service. You’re not left waiting weeks for a response, and they’re open to feedback and suggestions. The team is proactive in addressing bugs and other issues. Their commitment to GDPR compliance and the scalability of their services, along with a clear roadmap for future development, were also key factors.

Which WP Umbrella features are you utilizing? How have they benefited your agency?

The client reporting feature is a significant asset for client interactions. The user-friendly interface and dashboard make updates straightforward and intuitive.

Since implementing WP Umbrella, what improvements have you observed? Can you share any specific metrics regarding productivity or client communication?

Having used alternative solutions for over five years, the benefits to my clients with the reports have been substantial, and I anticipate even greater advantages in productivity with WP Umbrella.

How does WP Umbrella integrate with your other WordPress tools and plugins?

Our client web projects are primarily built with Elementor Pro. Our go-to plugins include WP Grid Builder, WP Rocket, Imagify, SecuPress, Gravity Forms, and now WP Umbrella.

What do you see as the greatest advantage of using WP Umbrella?

With WP Umbrella, I have peace of mind knowing I’ll be alerted to any issues on a client’s site under maintenance. With over 100 sites to manage, there’s no room for error, and my clients rely on that assurance.

What future opportunities with WP Umbrella are you excited about?

I’m particularly looking forward to the cloning and revision cleanup features, especially the safe update functionality.

What advice would you give to those considering WP Umbrella?

It’s natural to be skeptical about new solutions, but the best way to be convinced is to try them out. There’s no harm in taking advantage of their free 14-day trial, especially when you have a team of experts ready to guide you.

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