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Boris Zarev

Hello everyone! This is Boris from the WP Umbrella team. You’ve likely read my name if you have recently reached out to our support – I joined this amazing team in September, and time has flown since then! In this blog article, I would like to introduce myself and our free migration service.

Having spent more than 8 years in the web hosting industry and dealing with various types of support queries, one of the most important things I consider is ensuring a good and smooth onboarding experience for new clients. While most, if not all, hosting providers offer migration services (either paid or free), this wasn’t commonly found in WordPress Management tools, including WP Umbrella.

When I joined WP Umbrella, one of the first things I noticed was that customers needed to spend considerable time adding their WordPress websites to WP Umbrella, or migrating from one of our competitors. I know how important and time-consuming this task can be, and the fact is that many agencies were postponing their migration because they didn’t want to spend hours or even days adding their websites to WP Umbrella.

During one of our meetings, I highlighted this issue to Aurelio, our CEO, who enthusiastically embraced the idea, recognizing its potential to significantly ease the workload for agency owners.

How We Started

As soon as this idea was accepted, we received a request to migrate over 100 websites from one of our largest competitors, ManageWP. We quickly developed a code snippet that, once executed, automatically adds the API key for our plugin to all the websites in ManageWP and connects them (Kudos to our CTO – Thomas!).

If you wish to check the code snippet and try to self-migrate from ManageWP, our documentation is available in our support center: How to Self-Migrate All Your Websites from ManageWP to WP Umbrella.

After testing the script and successfully migrating all the websites, we are more than confident this is something that will make life easier for many clients.

The next step was to establish a defined internal process for migration, including the migration of tags and clients as well, so our users wouldn’t have to do anything.

How It Works Now

Step 1 – Getting Access: To begin, we’ll need access to your account from ManageWP, or any other competitor you use, and confirmation from you that our IP addresses are whitelisted.

Step 2 – Bulk Installing the Plugin: Once we have access to your account, we’ll start our internal pre-check and get the migration started by installing and activating our plugin to all your websites.

Step 3 – API Connection: The next step involves applying the API key so your websites can get connected to your account with us, and that’s where our piece of code comes in.

Step 4 – The Clients & Tags Migration: Once this is all completed, the next step is to migrate/add all the tags and clients you might have.

Step 5 – Follow-Up: As part of the final step in the migration process, we’ll schedule all the backups for the websites at your preferred times and ensure that all your first backups are processed flawlessly.

Success Stories

As mentioned above, this service has already been offered to many clients who made the wise decision to migrate their websites from one of our competitors. Read the successful stories of migrating to WP Umbrella at the links below:

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Migration Service

How long does the migration take?

We tend to complete the migrations as soon as we’re provided with the access. While we are not able to provide a precise timeframe how long the migration would take, please allow between few hours and up to few days for accounts holding huge number of websites (i.e. over 200-300 websites) and many clients/tags.

What’s the cost of the migration?

Free. We’ll migrate all your data to WP Umbrella completely free of charge, no matter how many websites, tags and clients you have.

How many websites can you migrate?

There’s no limitation on this service, we’ll migrate all your websites to WP Umbrella for free, even if you have over 2000 websites.

Is this available only for ManageWP?

Not at all! We can migrate your websites from any competitor that you use, such as MainWP, WPMUDev, WPRemote, etc.

How can I start the migration?

Feel free to reach us out using our migration form and request a migration to WP Umbrella.

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